Support mental health at work with our e-booklets

Host Mind's e-booklet pdfs on your intranet and boost your workplace wellbeing.

E-booklets on your intranet will allow your staff to:

  • access information quickly and easily from your intranet
  • recognise your commitment to their mental wellbeing

Email for current pricing. Please include the approximate number of staff who will get access to the e-booklets

Our digital pack consists of 8 pdfs and a 12 month licence to display them on your intranet:

·         Understanding mental health problems 

·         How to be mentally healthy at work  

·         Understanding anxiety and panic attacks        

·         Understanding depression    

·         Sleep: a short guide

·         Relaxation: a short guide

·         Self-esteem: a short guide 

·         Mindfulness: a short guide        

Licence terms

This licence permits your organisation to display the e-booklets on any internal facing platform such as your staff intranet.

You will not be entitled to modify the contents and the licence will expire after 12 months (downloaded booklets are watermarked with expiry date).

Please note the licence does not entitle the holder to make printed copies for distribution.

Please contact for any queries regarding the licence terms.

Customer reviews

“We have used the Mind Booklets for the last few years on our intranet. I think partly their popularity is because people know and trust Mind for their advice and information.”
Kelly Feehan, Service Director, CABA

“We want to help colleagues and customers look after their mental wellbeing, and talking about it makes a big difference. Mind’s e-booklets have been a great resource to have on our intranet and support the work we do with colleagues in this area.”
Dhavani Bishop, Head of Colleague Health, Wellness and Experience at Tesco

“We choose Mind’s eBooklets in part because they are informative, clearly written and concise and in part because of Mind’s expertise and reputation in this area.  People have really appreciated having access to these resources on our intranet; they’ve helped us have conversations which otherwise might not have taken place and they’ve supported our work in this area.  We highly recommend Mind’s eBooklets to other organisations thinking of using them”.
Dr Ruth Pullen, Assistant Director, National Institute of Health Research