The Tiny Tomato Bar 3 different Seeds in Coir Bars

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Picking your own sun-ripened tomatoes right from the vine is hard to beat. This unusual collection of miniature tomatoes will look spectacular growing in ruby-red clusters and will taste truly exceptional in fresh summer salads. All the seeds are nestled in neat, fertile coir bars, ready to grow. just add water!

About the Product 

  • Each bar contains seeds and full-care instructions
  • Growbar is 100% eco-friendly
  • Coir is made with coconut fibres and is a sustainable alternative to peat
  • The recyclable film wrap is made from sugar cane
  • Each Growbar is carefully handmade in the U.K

The Tiny Tomato Growbar contains:

  • Gardeners delight: a prolific variety, producing an abundance of flavoursome fruits.
  • Outdoor girl: handsome little tomatoes with an exceptionally sweet flavour.
  • Yellow pear tom:  as the name suggests these tomatoes are golden yellow and pear-shaped.

This Growbar makes a thoughtful gift or a fun family project. They are simple to grow, you just need a small container, some water and a warm sunny spot and within 6-8 weeks the seedlings will be ready to plant in the ground or pots.