Information Resources FAQs

    Information Resources FAQs

Does Mind provide free resources for individuals?

Mind can supply individuals with up to three of our printed resources, free of charge.

  • Please call 0844 448 4448 to place an order from this list. All our booklets are also published in full on our website, which you can browse in our mental health A-Z.

Does Mind provide booklet packs tailored to workplaces and universities?

Find the most relevant booklets for your organisation and save money with our booklet packs tailored to your needs.

You also can mix and match your own booklet selection from the complete list of booklets.

Can I get discounts on bulk purchases?

Buy any booklet title in packs of 50 for a 20% discount. Booklet packs are listed under group B of our booklet order form.

Why choose Mind's information resources? 

Make sure you are supporting your staff and your services by providing up to date, trusted information on mental health. Certified as trustworthy and reliable by the Information Standard, our A5 booklets are:

  • written to high editorial and research standards
  • reviewed and informed by people with lived experience of mental health problems
  • regularly updated to ensure that the information remains current
  • professionally printed in colour and perfect to display or distribute

How can I contact Mind Publications?

Call us on 0844 448 4448 or email: [email protected]

What are the delivery costs?

For paid orders, you'll need to pay for postage and packing. For all UK orders up to £200, we will add 20% to the total of your purchase (minimum £1, maximum £50). 

For UK orders of £200 and above a cheaper delivery rate of 10% will apply to your order (maximum £50)

If we are sending your package overseas, we will add 30% (minimum £1).

When will I receive my order?

We aim to deliver all booklet orders within 5 working days of receiving the order.

Can I put Mind's information on our staff intranet or website?

Demonstrate your commitment to staff wellbeing by adding our information resources to your intranet. We can also potentially co-brand booklets with your logo and a ‘supported by’ message.

  • Please complete our short form to get the correct pricing information for your organisation.

What are Mind's terms and conditions of sale?