Student Pack: Gold (1650 booklets and leaflets)

  • £600.00
Student Pack: Gold (1650 booklets and leaflets)

Now includes even more leaflets and our newly designed booklet 'Understanding mental health problems'.

Each pack contains 1000 booklets and 650 leaflets:

Popular booklets:

200 x How to cope with student life
200 x Understanding mental health problems (new design)

100 x Understanding depression

100 x Understanding anxiety and panic attacks

100 x How to manage stress
100 x The Mind guide to seeking help for a mental health problem
100 x Hope to deal with anger
100 x Understanding eating problems

Hand outs and leaflets:
50 x Food and mood (a short guide)
50 x Relaxation (a short guide)
50 x Physical activity (a short guide)
50 x Quick Tips: student life
50 x Quick Tips: panic attacks
50 x Quick Tips: stress
50 x Quick Tips: sleep
50 x Quick Tips: relaxation
50 x Quick Tips: physical activity
50 x Quick Tips: loneliness
50 x Quick Tips: peer support
50 x Quick Tips: anger
50 x Quick Tips: mindfulness

Order this pack and you'll receive the following free gifts:
2 x Mind branded mug coasters

Please note the total charge for this pack including postage and packing is £650.

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