Information booklets for blue light services

A range of pocket sized booklets offering practical support around mental health designed and written for emergency service staff, volunteers and their families.

These booklets are for anyone working in the Police, Ambulance, Fire and rescue or Search and rescue services. The following titles are now available, customised to your emergency service:

  • How to manage your mental wellbeing
  • How to manage stress and anxiety
  • Seeking help for a mental health problem
  • Supporting a colleague with a mental health problem
  • For family and friends - how to support someone's mental wellbeing

You can get also preview of the booklets and read the content on our website.

Place an order with our publications team

The booklets can be ordered by title in packs of 100. Prices are:

Under 1000 booklets (1 – 9 packs of 100): £2 per booklet plus 20% postage and packing

Over 1000 booklets (over 9 packs of 100) : £1 per booklet plus 20% postage and packing

Please email Johnny at [email protected] for a quote or to place an order.