Pause - World Mental Health Day

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Pause - World Mental Health Day

10th October is World Mental Health Day, and if you would like to promote wellbeing in your workplace on this day, you can choose Pause as a way to engage your staff, and support Mind at the same time.

We all have mental health just as we have physical health - it moves up and down along a spectrum from good to poor. And considering how much time we spend at work, it’s not surprising that workplace environments and culture affect our wellbeing.

What is Pause Pause is a wellbeing box designed to help anyone carve out a moment of me-time, a chance to put aside daily stresses and chores and to focus on wellbeing. Each box contains an activity or a gift designed to encourage creativity, relaxation, a new skill or simply to offer a precious moment of calm.

Details about my order To ensure we get your boxes to you in time for World Mental Health Day place your order by the 31st of September. Your packs will have the same theme and will be appropriate to complete individually or collectively and help everyone take a moment to think about their own wellbeing and mental health.

If you would like more details, email us at [email protected].

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